Why the Safefon® acoustic cleaning system?

Sistema de limpieza acústico en torre de desnitrificación
How does the Safefon® acoustic cleaning system works?
October 14, 2018
Acoustic cleaning vs Steam blowers – Compare
October 14, 2018
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Why the Safefon® acoustic cleaning system?

Sistema de limpieza industrial acústica

Sistema de limpieza industrial acústica

Acoustic cleaning is used to prevent problems caused by accumulation of dry materials and particles that need to be cleaned regularly. This type of cleaning ensures maximum efficiency and reduces maintenance operations, thus reducing downtime. An acoustic cleaner generates great power sound waves which produce dry particles to vibrate differently among themselves and related to the surrounding structures.

The energy generated by the sound waves is not destructive because the frequency produced by the Acoustic Units is higher than the natural frequency of the containers, pipes and mechanical structures, thereby preventing the resonance phenomenon.

The Acoustic Cleaning Systems manufactured by Safefon® integrate an accumulated experience for nearly two decades. What drives us to keep researching on new products and applications is the opportunity given by our clients, who entrust the solution to their problems to us.

The acoustic cleaner consists of two parts:

A) The sound generator, (the transmitter unit), usually runs on compressed air with a pressure range of 5 to 6 bars. This air is applied to a diaphragm, making it vibrate. The sound generator is usually made of AISI 316 stainless steel, cast and mechanized, or simply mechanized from solid. The diaphragm located inside the generator is the only moving part. To ensure its strength and long life it is made of a special titanium alloy.

B) The diffuser or bell, responsible for driving the waves into the environment to be treated. According to its length the frequency is modified to the desired range.

The sound pressure level (SPL) is slightly greater than 150 dB. The frequency varies between 350 Hz and 60 Hz depending on the length of the diffuser.

Safefon® has all the resources and the expertise to design, manufacture and test the Cleaning Systems, such as:

– Anechoic Chamber to check, without distortion, the noise characteristics of our products.

– High resolution calibrated sound level meter to check, in each and every one of the units that the emitted sound pressure corresponds to the specification.

– Specific software for detecting the frequency and precision measuring elements to check each of the mechanical elements.

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