Safefon® 250Hz series

FON100CP - Universal industrial acoustic cleaner
Safefon® 100Hz Series
September 28, 2018
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Safefon® 250Hz series

FON250R - Universal industrial acoustic cleaner

FON250R - Universal industrial acoustic cleaner

Universal Acoustic Cleaner: We build this cleaner with straight and curved geometry. Its size makes it the most versatile of all. In order to ease the assembly process, several adapters have been designed to simplify the installation

a) Operation

  • Acoustic frequency: 250 Hz
  • SPL: > 150 dB


b) Materials

  • Cover: AISI 316
  • Body: AISI 316
  • Diffuser: AISI 310
  • Diaphragm: Titanium Alloy Special


FON250C - Universal Acoustic cleaner

FON250C – Universal Acoustic cleaner

c) Requests

  • Air pressure: 5-6 bars
  • Air consumption: 32 l/s in operation, 2 l/s at rest (for cooling)


d) Dimensions

Straight model

  • Length: 565 mm (total)
  • Diameter: 290 mm (mouth trumpet)

Curved model

  • Length: 602 mm (total)
  • Diameter: 300 mm (mouth trumpet)


e) Limitations

  • Humidity: 12% (maximum allowed)
  • Temperature: 800° C (maximum allowed)


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