We provide a high quality solution

See the range of applications of our Acoustic Blowers in Industries and Equipment.

If your factory has any of these equipment: hoppers, cyclones, filters, preheaters, super-heaters, economizers, boilers, electrostatic precipitators, induced draft fans, ducts works, etc., you could solve the dirt and jam problems with our "Acoustic Cleaners".

Certified Quality

In order to cover wide ranges of temperatures (up to 800° C), erosion, aggressive environments, food industry, etc., all SAFEFON® standard equipment is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. We can optionally manufacture in other steel alloys, suitable for other working temperatures.

Simple & Reliable

The operation simplicity, economy of use, reliability, low maintenance costs and operational efficiency, make SAFEFON® systems a good choice to replace or supplement traditional equipment (steam blowers, counter-pressure filter cleaning, cleaning of regenerative air heaters, electro-filter hammers, etc.).

Ready to Use Solutions

SAFEFON® provides all its equipment with the required auxiliary elements for its full implementation: Control System, Valves, Solenoid valve, Air Preparation Equipment, Hoses and Fittings.

Acoustic Cleaners and Unblocking systems

We have built acoustic cleaning systems and acoustic unblocking systems for the industry of all kind and we provide ready-to-use solutions.

Our products

The manufacturing range covers equipment with frequencies from 60 Hz to 350 Hz. However, according to its universal use, SAFEFON ® has chosen to prioritize the production of the following series:

Industrial acoustic cleaning systemIndustrial acoustic cleaning system

Global Services

To be closer to our customers and to offer quick solutions to their problems, we have representatives in several parts of the world. Contact Safefon® directly or through your nearest representative. You shall be efficiently served.

Quality Design

Safefon® has implemented a quality assurance system. It tests and measures both individual elements and the Acoustic Unit, ensuring the starting up and trouble-free operation.

Maintenance and Support Services

The SAFEFON® technical staff is integrated by highly qualified professionals. We are ready to provide quality services according to our customers’ expectations, suggestions and needs.

Non-Destructive Industrial Cleaning System

Basic concepts that govern the working mechanism of our Acoustic Cleaning Systems Safefon®, the efectivity, infrastructure low impact and the low disturbance in the entropy in the production enviroment.

The principle of the SAFEFON® design

In order for the sound source is required and also mechanical vibration in an elastic medium (solid, liquid or gas) through which the sound wave propagates.

The Acoustic Units are designed scientifically sound generators, within a controlled low-frequency band, produce high levels of energy and pressure. The sound energy carrying waves generated overcomes the forces of particle-particle and particle - surface deposits accumulated materials cohesion.


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The SAFEFON® Acoustic Cleaning System

Acoustic cleaning is used to prevent problems caused by accumulation of dry materials and particles that need to be cleaned regularly. This type of cleaning ensures maximum efficiency and reduces maintenance operations, thus reducing downtime. An acoustic cleaner generates great power sound waves which produce dry particles to vibrate differently among themselves and related to the surrounding structures.

The energy generated by the sound waves is not destructive because the frequency produced by the Acoustic Units is higher than the natural frequency of the containers, pipes and mechanical structures, thereby preventing the resonance phenomenon.


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